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Digital Video Sewer Inspections


Bayfront Plumbing Inc. has expanded our services to now include digital video sewer inspections!! Our new GatorCam4 system is designed to deliver controllable and high quality video inspection of pipelines for any situation, from residential work to commercial use. Video and still images are recorded directly onto USB memory sticks or compact flash cards.

Inspecting your sewer pipes is something that all homeowners or property managers should consider, especially if the building is fairly old. This is because there was a lot of guesswork involved in sewer repairs. In the past, the functionality of the sewer and pipes was based upon the building owner’s feedback and then they would estimate the job that needed to be done. Todays video inspection cameras make sewer repair incredibly accurate. We can now use video to inspect the sewer line problems and more accurately determine how to address the cracks, leaks, clogs, or any type of defect.

Sewer inspections using video technology has many benefits including the following:

  • Provides an accurate picture of the condition of the sewer lines
  • Locates the areas of the pipe that require repair
  • Validates the condition of a newly installed pipe or newly cleaned pipe
  • Safe for use on all types of piping
  • Helps to insure a home with the recognition of the sewer pipes’ health
  • Saves money on what could be an expensive pipe repair job
  • Prevents a possible excavation
  • Alleviates the need for pipe replacement by isolating the exact location of the pipe defect

Root intrusion into your sewer lines causes damage that varies drastically in terms of severity. Minimal root intrusion may be able to be repaired quickly, even on the spot whereas a major root intrusion may require a serious repair job or replacement of the pipes. Some unscrupluous plumbers will make outlandish claims as to the condition of the sewer system. Without having video evidence you expose yourself to possibly paying exorbitant prices to repair your sewer system. Bayfront Plumbing Inc.’s sewer inspection video footage will give you, the homeowner, a real-time view into the actual condition of your pipes. You will no longer get tricked into paying large sums for pipe replacements when a simple repair to a small part of the pipe could have taken care of the issue.

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